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Fireworks freak in Japan.
Snap shot,with Mr. Akio Aoki. He is a Master of pyrothechnist in Japan.
I'm in center. Left side? Oh, you have a sharp eye for fireworks.
It's a 24 inches shell "Floral shell of shells", made by Mr.Aoki.
If you want see this shell burst scene,CLICK HERE(JPEG61K).

Kiminari Onozato
Born,1957 in Tokyo. Graphic Designer, Photographer, Fireworks Enthusiast(only Freak?).
Following 20 to 40 Fireworks Displays each part of Japan through the year, and watching them and taking pictures. Gathering and Providing some informations about fireworks. Providing these pictures to the TV, Newspapers, Publicing Company, etc.
A work: "HANABI SANKA" -A Song in Praise of Fireworks- Photograph Collection, "DON! to HANABI da"-Hanabi Looking Guide book-a joint work. "Hanabi-Taikai ni Iko"-Let's enjoy fireworks display-Looking Guide book-a joint work. "Daihanabi-The Fireworks"-CD-ROM Photograph Collection
Wall Calendar "HANABI SANKA" series-since 1992, and This Home Page.
Owner of Fireworks Photographic Library=FPL=Speciality about fireworks photography.
 Please communicate, about Fireworks or Pyro. I'm only watching them. I'm not pyro technist, not display operator, not vendor, but I love Fireworks very much !
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